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+ RS. 300 (Home Collection)

The Blood Urea nitrogen(BUN) test is a routine test used primarily to evaluate renal(kidney) function. Urea is formed in the liver as the end product of protein metabolism(or degradation) and is ultimately eliminated in the urine by the kidneys. Because urea is cleared from the bloodstream by the kidneys, a test measuring how much urea nitrogen remains in the blood can be used as a test of renal function. BUN gives an estimation of blood urea (the end product of protein and amino acid catabolism). An assessment of the BUN is used as a gross index of glomerular function. The blood urea nitrogen or BUN test is primarily used, along with the creatinine test, to evaluate kidney function in a wide range of circumstances, to help diagnose kidney disease, and to monitor people with acute or chronic kidney dysfunction or failure. It also used to evaluate a person\'s general health status when ordered as part of a basic metabolic panel (BMP) or comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). 10-12 hours of fasting essential. You can take water during fasting. Avoid alcohol. Blood samples will be collected from your home/office.