About us

Vision: Commitment to care

Mission: Accessibility ‑ Availability ‑ Affordability ‑ Alacrity

Currently total market of Medicines in India is more than Rs. 93000 Cr.. As per PWC and McKinsey report, the total market will be US$ 55 billion in India by year 2020. Our Mission is to become US$ 1 billion company by year 2020.

Mymedicinebox is a full-stack healthcare delivery platform currently focused on Medicines delivery and Lab tests @ home. Our aim is to make healthcare available and affordable for all Indians.

We understand the pain points of Selling Medicines at Medical Stores and to deliver timely to the Patient without visiting Medical stores and buying more cost-effectively. A medical store cannot keep enough stocks of all the medicines while our business module helps the patients to buy any medicine from any corner of the city. Our convenience offered for delivery of medicine in just a call and to buy just in 2 clicks thru our mobile app.

MyMedicineBox targets maximum benefits to elderly and chronic patients as they have to spend more towards medicines. We have designed a Subscription Pharmacy program to offer various facilities to manage their chronic illness.

To keep ahead of completion and services, we focus on counselling by our experienced Doctors and Pharmacist. Storing and handling medicines in appropriate condition is big challenge especially cold chain products.

We have acquired a company handling only Insulin and we are proud to maintain the best standard in Insulin logistics. We thank our customers to understand the importance of quality instead of hefty discounts.

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