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Healthy, safe and effective DETOX

The phrase “I’m doing a detox” has become commonplace these days. In fact, it is widely accepted and used as a core treatment in most of the world’s best wellness centres such as Viva Mayer in Austria, Jindal & Ananda in India, Kamalaya & Chiva-Som in Thailand to name a few, it is also a core part the age-old tradition of yoga

Before taking Detox Diet Challenge…

We are the most toxic generation of people in history. Between the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, we are bombarded with more toxins than ever before. And I didn’t even mention the body products we use and the cleaning products in our homes.

Here are some common things we need to detox from:







Tobacco smoke (even second hang)


Poor food choices


Vegetable oils

Over the counter and prescription drugs

Here are some common symptoms of toxic overload:

Weight gain

Skin issues  – acne, eczema, discoloration, liver spots

Hormonal imbalance





Low energy

Foggy brain

Adrenal fatigue

Thyroid issues


Hair loss


Weak immune system

The list goes on. And on.

Are you confused about Detox?

A detox is not a new system, it is trusted and tested for centuries in Indian Ayurveda. All problems start with stomach and move to Liver, Kidney, Lungs and other parts.

This is the digital world and I believe all information is available online and can be found through Google. You might be thinking, while more and more information is available online so why I take this package. It is very simple, you can gather the information but you will be confident once it is authenticated by a professional and qualified dietician.

It is important to remember that every body is different. We all have different genetic and cultural traits. The results of any treatment or prevention are different in people.

Your trust and confidence in detox program will give wonderful results.

If you have any question or need more information, just write me at rx@mymedicinebox.in

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