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What is Syphilis, its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI). This infection is caused by the bacteria known as the Treponema Pallidum

You will be rather surprised to know that in the year 2016, there were around 88000 cases related to this infection. Now you know that is infection is not a rare one. Unlike its name, it is commonly found in people. This infection is transmitted sexually (orally and physically) when couples do not take precautions or protections.

Now there is a difference between disease and infection. The condition is something which cannot be cured, or if healed, it happens to revive again. However, infections can be cured medically or by taking necessary precautions. Hence it is noteworthy here that Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection that is caused by a virus, and not a disease.

How is it caused?

The primary cause of this infection is not a regular sexual activity. Syphilis is caused when men have sex with other men. Yes, that is right. On the one hand, when the rate of this infection has seen a significant decline in case of females having sex with women, while on the other, the rate of this infection spreading amongst men has risen in the last couple of years.

So primarily this infection is caused by having unnatural sex between the same genders.

What are its Symptoms?

Though after seeing the very first signs, people ignore this problem, as found in many researches. A common symptom happens to be a painless sore that appears on your private organs. It can be rectum or any other sexual organ or even mouth. This painless sore is called Chancre. In the initial stages, this is often ignored. Or you can say that usually, people fail to notice it right away. And even if they notice, they might consider it as an ordinary ulcer or a sore that can fade away.

Thus, we can say that quite often Syphilis can often be ignored. Hence it can be a challenging task to investigate and vindicate this problem. Other symptoms include:

  1. It can be transmitted by sharing the same toilet seat.
  2. It can also spread by wearing other person’s clothes or by
  3. Using used utensils of others.

Normally Syphilis remains untreated; instead, I’d say that it remains undiagnosed for years. Reason being that you will not find even a single peculiar symptom of this infection.

Stages of Syphilis:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Latent
  4. Tertiary

This health issue is of most destructive if not treated or diagnosed timely. It can also cause significant health issues in its later stages.

What are its Medication?

Syphilis should be treated as soon as you get to know about it. Also, ask your partners to get a complete health check-up done if you are suffering from this disease. Syphilis can be treated with penicillin. A penicillin antibiotic kills the growth of syphilis bacteria in your body and curbs from spreading. If you are allergic to penicillin, do tell your doctor so that some alternative medication should be given immediately. Sexual partners should also treat even if syphilis hasn’t spread.

Though there are no home remedies to cure syphilis, however a single dose of injection can kill the bacterial growth. Syphilis can only be treated when it is in its initial stages.

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