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Best food for men in their 50’s

If you want to lead a healthy and balanced life, you should know what to eat and what not to

Reduce the number of your doctor’s visit and lead a healthy and happy life by looking into your kitchen. It is miserable that with time, men grow older, and so their health issues aggravate.

Various health issues like high/low blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, heart diseases, joint aches arise. None of these conditions are inevitable – but of course, our lifestyle is such that it determines what you eat and how you eat. Keeping a track on this can make a more significant difference and of course if you change you’re eating habits too.

The fact is that what you eat will benefit you or not depends on what you are eating. You can reduce the risk of such drastic conditions by improving your diet and by monitoring it from time to time. Focus on such food that will benefit you in longer-run, consume plentiful and healthy food that will boost your energy levels and can minimize the likelihood of these scary diseases.

Here are some examples of such foods that are highly rich in nutritional values and should be added to your daily diet. If you are not eating these foods, then we’ve got tips to tell you that how to include these in your daily intake.

  1. Mushrooms – It can beef up your dish, the vegetarian one. It can give your food a meatier taste that generally the nonvegetarian lovers desire for. But apart from this, mushrooms have just 20 calories per cup and also contain potassium in abundance. It can lower the level of blood pressure as it is helpful in offsetting your sodium level in the body.

Add them to your diet. Add chopped mushrooms to your salad or grill them. The primary focus is to add mushrooms to your daily intake.

  1. Cherries – Tart cherries contain the anti-inflammatory properties. Everyone likes it. The athletes are recommended to drink or eat cherries as they can provide relief in aches and pains in the long run. Now, you cannot expect just one shot of tart cherries to reduce your joint ache. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce as well as lower the risk of osteoarthritis, gout and other forms of arthritis.

You need to eat at least 10 cherries a day, their season is from April to August, consume fresh cherries at that time and for the rest of the year drink cherry juice.

  1. Eggs – As you age, your muscles tend to shrink and reduce. Eggs are an excellent source of protein; everyone knows this. Including eggs in your breakfast can help those dwindling muscles mass.

You can even eat them at lunch or dinner.

  1. Berries- Research are still going on, but some studies have found that it can decrease the risk of cancers, especially blueberries. It is due to their inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Along with blueberries, one can also eat freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries. They have the power to reduce esophageal cancer by 30-70 % and colon cancer by 80%

You can eat them raw or can have them with cereals, salads or yogurt.

  1. Avocados – It is highly abundant in healthy monounsaturated fats which helps you in keeping your cholesterol low. It is something which men at old age needs. It has several weight loss properties and helps in lowering the level of inflammation.

You can quickly add it to your favorite dishes like salads, tacos, sandwiches, burgers or omelets

Final Thoughts

Most experts have seen many changes that have happened by including these foods that have affected the older men. But the bottom line is – you need to add these healthy and prosperous foods in your daily regime of diet without a miss.

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