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4 Tips to help kids overcome the fear of needle shots

Most children have a fear of needle shots and injections; in fact, some adults too have it

We always look for such tricks which can help our child in reducing the anxiety of vaccinations and needle shots.

Getting vaccinations might help protect kids against various illnesses, but they sure do hurt. But it does not mean that you do not get your child vaccinated. It is also not surprising that your child is not at all scared of getting shots. If you see, by the age of 4, your little one gets at least 20 vaccinations. Many times, by the time your child is 5 years old, he gets racked up with multiple vaccination shots, which might reduce his fear of needles.

Here, we will share few tips to help you in reducing your child’s anxiety before you take him for some vaccination.

  1. The Truth – If a child asks whether or not they’re going to get vaccinated, don’t shove them off or deny it. Make sure they know that the shot is something that protects them and explains that they’re not being punished. It has been observed in research that children think that these shots are a type of punishment they are going to get. Also, tell them honestly that it will hurt but only for a few seconds. Always make them smile and cheer them up once they are done with this torture.

2.     Don’t Reveal Too Much – While you’re telling them the truth about vaccination shots, never divulge too much details. Many a time what happens is that while you disclose too many details about the needle shot, this might as well scare the hell out of your child. Also do not tell them so soon as this might leave your child entirely petrified all the time. Tell them just a few days before the doctor’s appointment.

3.     Know When to Let Go – If your child is bewildered by the thought of getting those needle shots, it might be best to step back and allow the nurse or doctor to take over. According to researchers, kids tend to overreact quite often because they know what response they will get from their parents. Ask the doctor to take over.

4.     Make your child comfortable – Always make your child comfortable with the thought of getting shots. Don’t speed up the process of telling him too much about the shots. Explain them about the benefits about vaccination shots in the form of stories so that they enjoy their experience.

Try to provide immediate relief to your kid, if they are getting panicky or hysteric. Hand it over to the nurses and the doctors, if you are not able to control them, since they are the experts and know how to do their job best.

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