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The Best Product For Your PERIODS

“Period” is a word that hits women’s life month after month, once she attains puberty

It is one unwanted time that girls do not want to face because of the taboos associated with it. Initially, little girls may find it unhygienic and a big problem in dealing with the running blood. There are many different types of products a female can use during this time like – sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups. It may also create a confusion amongst the girls while deciding which product would suit them the best.

Here we give you the details of every product available for your menstrual cycle and help you decide the best product to cater your needs.

  • Sanitary napkins

Sanitary pads are the most easily available and common product used during menstruation. For maintaining female hygiene sanitary napkins come in many kinds of lengths and various levels of absorbency. This product is used widely by women around the globe. It may be very much suitable for light flowing females but a problem for women who bleed heavily. Sanitary napkins are also not suitable if you are involved in physical activities like swimming.

  • Tampons

Sanitary napkins are supposed to be the oldest form of menstrual protection but tampons are also not a very new product. Its use is said to be started in back 1930 and has been a preferred choice of menstrual protection. Tampons are mostly preferred over sanitary napkins for females who want to experience physical freedom during those days. Tampons too come in different sizes, length and levels of absorbency. It is very important to keep changing the tampon every 4 to 8 hours according to the level of your bleeding for the best protection and hygiene.

  • Menstrual cups

The use of menstrual cups is recorded since the use of tampons. It is supposed to be the most efficient option during the periods. It is not popularly used as tampons or pads because of lack of awareness of its uses. This product claims to be the most economical and eco-friendly product which helps to protect you during the periods. The lack of awareness of using it tends women to use the easier options of sanitary napkins and tampons.

With a proper guide and training the use of menstrual cup can be learned. The process of inserting and removing the product rightly, again and again, would give you confidence enough to use it. It is the most healthy and hygienic product to be used during the periods as it does not absorb the fluid like tampons or pads. It collects the fluid in a specifically designed cup which can be disposed of immediately. Menstrual cups do not cause sensitivity or allergic reactions as they do not contain any chemicals, bleaches or fibers.

It is up to your discretion and decision to use whatever product gives you the most comfort and the highest level of hygiene. No matter whatever you are using it is very important that you wash your hands before and after using the product of your choice that would save you from infections and diseases.

Hope you have a happy menstrual cycle!

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