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Top 10 Heart Attack Triggers – Beware!

Heart attacks have become a very common health issue around the globe

There is lack of awareness and knowledge of what are the conditions then that can trigger a serious heart attack. Heart Attack occurs when the normal blood supply to the heart is interrupted. The cardiac muscles get damaged and start wearing out because of insufficient supply of blood to the heart. These conditions should be treated immediately to avoid irreparable damages.

It is very important to know the risk factors that may trigger a heart attack. Some of them are listed below-

1) Smoking- Carbon monoxide and nicotine can stress the heart by forcing it to work faster. This may result in accelerating the risk of blood clots. The presence of different chemicals in the smoke, while you are smoking, can injure the lining of your coronary arteries. As per statistics smoking can increase the heart risk by 24%.

2) High blood pressure- Coronary arteries deteriorate because of hypertension making a person vulnerable to CHD. A person suffering from high blood pressure is at a high risk of heart attacks and CHD.

3) Diabetes- The coronary arteries are at a high risk of damage resulting in a risk of CHD when the glucose levels in diabetes of Type 1 and type 2 increases.

4) Obesity- Obesity increases the risk of hypertension and diabetes resulting in a high risk of heart diseases. People tend to be at a high risk of heart diseases even when they are having high levels of cholesterol because of obesity.

5) Alcohol- High levels of consumption of alcohol may lead to high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure increases the risk of CHD. When a person is heavily drinking he tends to follow unhealthy lifestyle such as physical inactivity and eating a high-fat diet and also smoking. All together aggravating heart disease issues.

6) Family history- If a family has a history of heart attacks then a person may be at a higher risk of getting a stroke in comparison to general people with no history of heart attack in the family.

7) Age and sex-  Higher the age higher the risk of heart attacks. Men are more prone to suffering from a heart attack than females.

8) An intense outburst of emotions- Emotions that outburst suddenly and intensely can trigger a heart attack. It is proven that there is 8.5 times more the tendency of a heart attack to occur within the initial 2 hours of the emotional outburst.

9) Cold climate- Arteries may get constricted due to a cold temperature which may result in raising the blood pressure which is again a factor that triggers a heart attack.

10) Miscellaneous factors- Heartbeats can be increased along with the blood flow into the arteries because of acute anxiety and strenuous physical exercises. This may trigger a heart attack. Intake of excessive junk food raises cholesterol levels in the arteries increasing the chances of heart attack.

This is why one must be aware of the reasons that trigger a heart attack and try to avoid the situation with awareness.


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