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1st Ultrasound at 12th Week

By this time, your pregnancy is the pregnancy is confirmed, though you are almost at the end of your 1st trimester

Most of the gynaecologist suggest for the ultrasound around the 12th week, as it is easy to figure out one of the congenital chromosomal abnormalities- Trisomy 21, also known as Down syndrome. Scientifically it means that every cell of the body contains an extra chromosome, i.e., 21. Down syndrome indicates physical and intellectual disabilities and this risk gets higher with an increase in the age.

Your 12th week of pregnancy is fair enough to give you a clue if at all you are suffering from Down Syndrome, i.e., the fetus has more fluid at the base of their neck- which is called nuchal fold area can be measured by Nuchal Translucency test. This fluid is thicker than what a normal fetus has fluid around. Other blood tests like Chorion Villus or an amniocentesis helps to get away with clarification.

Yes! Though, it is the first time when you get to see your baby on screen- which is quite exciting as well as nerve-wracking for parents. This is one major reason why doctors ask you to undergo ultrasound/sonography. Another thing is if at all there are chances of any complications, then the ball lies in the parents’ court- whether to continue with the pregnancy or get it terminated. One need not be too fussy when things aren’t in their favor because the future can really be dark with such complications and such kids don’t have a long life. Psychological balance is really what is required during such condition.

Though the blood tests are quite frequent throughout the pregnancy, early tests have their own connotation. The 10th-week test implies the measurement of pregnancy hormones and in case of any chromosomal abnormality, the results differ from average.

Is 12th-week sonography a part of a routine test?

YES! Very much. The updated technologies endow with the plethora of diagnosis and alert you if things aren’t in the right direction. Few doctors are strict enough with the tests and few leave the decision to the couple, as it varies from country to country. Some people are of the belief that early rays can be harmful to the fetus. But, it’s for your assistance only that you should have a healthy baby. Few parents get the test delayed until 20 weeks also and then decide for their future.

NOTE: Though it’s adorable to have a baby in the house, but it’s even more important to have a healthy baby around. Just don’t miss the tests and don’t be negligent with things during pregnancy, as it is the question of life for both- the mother as well as the baby. Be positive and think healthy, so will the baby be.


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