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Reasons to have 12th Week Ultrasound

12th-week ultrasound is the preliminary stage of pregnancy where the first ultrasound/ sonography is conducted via mother’s abdomen. Here, it isn’t necessary to have a full bladder, but, partially full bladder is generally recommended, which helps your uterus to get lifted easily and make fetus effortlessly visible. Many times, even a vaginal ultrasound is recommended, which gives a clearer illustration.

Why should you undergo 12-week ultrasound?

  • To measure the accurate development of the fetus- especially the skull is proportionate to the body, which is termed as Biparietal distance.
  • Utmost is the heartbeat rate.
  • This ultrasound gives an estimate of the date of delivery.
  • Also, by this time you can detect whether it is a single fetus or multiple- twins or triplets.
  • To confirm the size of the fetus and developing the placenta.
  • To assess the amount of fluid at the bottom of the fetus’s neck, so that there are no complications of Down syndrome. The sound waves produced by ultrasound returns echo-free dimensions due to the presence of fluid.
  • To ensure that there are no other physical abnormalities in the fetus.
  • To confirm the proper development of the uterus, pelvic region and fallopian tubes or other complications.
  • To measure the length of the fetus from head to toe, which is the Crown-Rump length.
  • General check of internal organs of mother and fetus.

Many new parents are just unaware of all these things and may take up this test frivolously. You will be amazed to look at the heartbeat and movement of the baby at this time. It is a mixed feeling which is often non- descriptive. This is out of the world feeling to see your baby for the first time on screen and kind of feel it inside you. GOD’s creation is the greatest! This test marks a huge difference in everyone’s life.

What about the reports of the test?

Generally, doctors narrate you the reports while conducting the test itself and they also offer you the reports post-test. Generally, the reports are on the positive side, but still, there can be cases which turn out to be negative. Many hospitals these days have the updated techniques including the screens so that the mothers can well see the baby along with the doctor. All mothers are excited as well as nervous during this time. If the doctor is getting precise, you can get away with your query at that moment only. Things can go wrong in case of any complications; otherwise, it’s a time for celebrations.

Hope this piece was quite informative for you and you enjoyed reading. Stay tuned for more such articles and keep reading.


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