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Things To Look For Ovulation Symptoms

Once you wait for a thing frantically, then you notice quite minute things in yourself and also keep certain precautions

At the back of your mind and one of such symptoms and one of them is Ovulation symptoms, which are quite noticeable. Such symptoms are quite subtle as they occupy your body’s customary response to the natural changes in hormones which take place at various stages of the ovulation cycle. Such symptoms precede ovulation cycle and often leave with excellent hints that you are in the most fertile period- i.e., 4-5th days after menses.

Common ovulation symptoms:

  • Increase in sexual desire: this is due to hormonal changes (estrogen, testosterone and luteinizing) in the body which triggers the urge for sex in female than before. There are more chances of conceiving if you have frequent sex in a week after your periods. Many females face pimple problems as well, but not to worry as this is the temporary phase.
  • Modification in cervical mucus: there is an increase in the volume of cervical mucus. Though, immediately after your periods, the cervical mucus is normal, but tends to expand after you conceive. Initially, you may feel sticky and stingy, but nothing to panic. Such process is designed to allow sperms to have a free movement through the cervix into fallopian tubes and ensures to be there till the egg is released.
  • Tender breast: this is due to high level of estrogen, so nothing much to worry.
  • Change in senses especially taste and fragrance: many females complaint about certain smells and this is related to rise in estrogen as well. So again this is a common feeling.
  • Cervix gets modified: in order to confirm this change, you need to be sure of your system and should feel it. The cervix is generally smooth and round and is a bit firm than vagina, which is at top of vagina. You can check it sitting in squats position with your clean fingers- probably 1 or 2. When you ovulation is nearby, your cervix becomes a bit higher and you feel softer and open. Most of the females don’t feel assessing themselves like this, so this is like a sideline approach to assess.
  • Abdominal cramps: mild cramps are faced by 20% of the females, which is termed as Mittleschmerz- means middle pain. You can feel this pain towards your right side of the lower abdomen, which can last up to few minutes to few hours- varying from the body to body. Some face pains on both the side and some feel it in fluctuating manner. Don’t be fussy if you don’t face it!
  • Change in body temperate: not much but YES. There is a rise of about 0.5 deg Celsius and the temperature remains the same throughout. You can do this as the first thing in the morning and can prepare a daily basis chart for your knowledge.

Though, symptom varies from female to female, so this is just a general view on ovulation. Kindly consult your gynaecologist for better knowledge.

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