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How Stress Can Affect You – Here Are Top 5 Diseases Caused By Stress

There is an interrelation between our physical and mental health. Our physical and mental health are interdependent on each other. Stress is a common form of mental illness. We may feel emotionally down due to stress. When stress becomes too high on our minds it affects the physical health too. Studies have been done and proved that there are many health problems that are caused due to stress. Heart disease, diabetes etc are all health problems arising due to stress.

It is very important for us to keep our mental health strong which results in strengthening our physical health too. You also need to be aware of the health problems that are caused because of stress. It will help you to diagnose if you are under stress or not.

Here are some diseases caused due to stress.

  • Heart diseases

When a person is stressed out there is a higher risk of having high blood pressure and many heart diseases. It has been medically researched and proved. The heart rate and the blood flow increases because of high stress. There is a release of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood flow tracks causing heart diseases. Stress also increases obesity and smoking habits which may also directly or indirectly harm the heart. An adult may suffer a heart attack if he or she comes across a sudden emotional stress or panic.

  • Diabetes

Stress makes diabetes worse. A patient suffering from any type of diabetes is at a higher risk because of stress. It is very likely to build unhealthy eating and excessive drinking habits because of stress which may hamper the diabetic levels in a patient massively. Secondly, it is still unknown but glucose levels rise because of stress especially who suffer from type 2 diabetes. This may actually be a dangerous situation for a patient.

  • Obesity

Obesity can become a part and parcel of our lives because of stress. The belly fat is at a greater risk than the fat around the thighs and hips. The fat on the belly area increases at a higher rate if a person is prone to stress. As mentioned before cholesterol levels also increase because of stress which also results in obesity. Stress can also aggravate the secretion of a hormone called Cortisol which can also be a reason for obesity and increasing the number of fats around the abdomen.

  • Gastric problem

Stomach ulcers worsen because of stress. Stress can cause many gastric and digestive related disorders like GI conditions, chronic heartburn, acid reflux etc and IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. The doctors are not very clear about how stress can hamper the gastric system but it is proved that a heavily stressed person can have major gastric and digestive problems.

  • Asthma

It is a proven fact that stress can make asthma worse. And if the parents suffer from chronic stress the children are very likely to develop the risk of having asthma. The kids of stressed-out parents are substantially at a higher risk of developing asthma.

Stress can be done away by living a healthy life and maintaining good eating habits. Exercising and meditation are tools to fight away stress in this world of great competition. Stress is a common thing happening to every other person. We can fight it just by a little lifestyle change.

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