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Be Aware of Secondary Infertility

Off lately many women including renowned celebs have come up and started to discuss their struggle with infertility

Women have started up an important discussion in the arena of infertility. However, secondary infertility, being the major emerging issues has not been much discussed.

Though few celebs have also come up and discussed the issues of secondary infertility, it still remains to be a traumatic problem for many women across the globe. Secondary infertility is as common as primary infertility but not discussed that often. It is affecting 1 out of every 8 couples who are trying to conceive.

Major facts regarding secondary infertility are as follows:

Factors affecting secondary infertility

Secondary infertility depends on the age factor and the period of time you have been trying to conceive. It is a phase where the couple has got pregnant earlier and delivered a baby but now is unable to do so. The time gap between the first baby and the period when you try to conceive, considering your age. If the age is 35 years or more the time is six months and if less than 35 years then it is one year that you are trying to get pregnant but are not successful.

Apt time to visit the doctor

If earlier also you had fertility issues then it is advisable to visit the doctor as soon as you want to conceive. In case if you are below 35 years of age and have tried to conceive with unprotected sex then it is recommended to consult a doctor and above 35 years of age, you should consult a doctor after six months of unprotected sex.

Things a partner can do to prevent secondary infertility issues

Biological factors like irregular ovulation, problems with sperm function or sperm count could also affect infertility. If there are these issues they should be treated. Maintaining optimal body weight, healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, balanced diet is highly recommended for couples who are trying to conceive. In women, it is the age that plays a major role in contributing towards secondary infertility. Alcohol consumption and smoking could also lead secondary infertility thus should be avoided.

Treatment options for secondary infertility

If you are dealing with secondary infertility rather than panicking taking the help of fertility specialist is advisable. The ways of treatment of primary and secondary infertility are similar and the doctor after conducting a few teats can draft a treatment plan for you. Medications to deal with hormonal imbalances, low sperm count or ovulation are there. In certain cases opting for vitro-fertilization is also an option to treat secondary infertility. Many couples have achieved success in their fight with secondary infertility.

It requires emotional treatment as well

Going through a troubled pregnancy is very stressful for a couple. Also if it was easy to conceive earlier and it is not now so it is a traumatic situation to deal with.

Communicating openly can help in dealing with the situation.

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