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Hot Baths – As Beneficial As Exercise!

We all end up finding the excuse or any reason for not starting the exercise regime

Exercise is a daunting task, and with our busy schedules, we do not get time for exercising but taking hot baths are a luxury, and we enjoy it. Nothing can soothe you more than hot water bath after a long tiring day at work.

Health benefits of a hot water bath

As per several researches and documents, hot water bath will present you with many health benefits. There are benefits of increasing your body heat using a hot shower.

In an experiment conducted on a group of men, some were asked to indulge in a super soothing hot water bath while some were asked to go for hour-long cycling. After the session was over the calories consumed by the groups in the different session along with their blood sugar levels for 24 hours was measured. Although the group of men that cycled had burned more calories, still the group that has enjoyed hot water bath had shed a considerable amount of calories just by enjoying and relaxing. They burned calories equal to half an hour of walk. Even those who were indulged in hot water bath they were more relaxed and felt rejuvenated.

Their blood sugar levels were similar; however, after three hours and consuming meal the group showed a decent decline in the blood pressure of 10 percent than the group that had cycled.

  • Hot water bath has therapeutic benefits and does good for your over well being and also handling your emotional aspect.
  • Hot water bath does prove to be an exercise for your blood vessels. It is so because it creates a physical pressure on the body and increases the stamina of heart.
  • The hot water stimulates the functioning of heart making it more powerful. A few dips a week can prove to be an excellent exercise for your heart.
  • It also helps to relieve headaches. Most headaches occur due to the result of narrowing blood vessels in the head. The hot water bath can increase the pressure on blood vessels and cure the headaches.
  • The steam of hot water also helps to cure a cold and flu.
  • The hot water bath helps to relax your muscles, thus help you to sleep soundly. And we know that nothing is more beneficial than a good night’s sleep!
  • It relaxes you physically as well as mentally and provides the much-needed peace of mind which will improve your productivity at work.
  • Overstretched muscles, small injuries and joint pains can also be minimized with a hot water bath. Thus for warming down your body after an exercise session indulging in hot water bath is helpful and effective.
  • A hot water bath is an excellent way to clean your bodies of all the toxins and harmful effects of pollution. Adding few things like Epsom salt, or essential oils or some flower petals can actually help your body to detox and improve the texture of your skin and also help in age reversal.

Indulging in hot water bath for few minutes on a day-to-day basis can help your body immensely.

Although the benefits of exercising can never be compared to anything else, still the benefits of hot water bath cannot be denied. Actual exercises are more beneficial and have more health benefits, but taking out the extra time to indulge in a session of exercise cannot be possible every time; therefore, for those days hot water bath is the best option.

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