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5 Reasons Behind Your Sudden Wake-Ups During Your Sleep At Night

You drifted to sleep at night but then suddenly wake up in the middle of your sleep

Eyes wide open staring the roof in darkness, you worry why you aren’t able to get a good night’s sleep. Well, this is called middle insomnia and is quite normal among human beings. It is because your sleep goes through cycles during the night from deeper waves of sleep to lighter waves.

But if this happens more frequently and you aren’t able to go back to sleep again after your sudden wake-ups, this isn’t something healthy, and you should check for these following factors that might be putting a wall between you and your sweet dreams.


Stress is a great sleep stealer and it might give your sleepless nights. Worrying too much about something may cause you to wake up frequently from your sleep.

Try out practising yoga and meditation for calming the inner mind and soul. This reduces the stress and helps in getting a sound sleep. Even if these natural remedies don’t work for you, consult your doctor for stress lowering therapies.


Social media are a craze nowadays and are playing havoc with the sleep patterns of most people. If you are using your smartphone and tablets before sleep, you shall not expect to have a good night’s sleep. The lights from the screen, especially the blue tinted lights from these electronic devices stop the melatonin secretion. It is melatonin that induces sleep in you and use of phones in bed might hamper your rest at night.

Detox yourself from all the electronic devices like phones and television one hour before your bedtime. This will send a signal to your brain that it’s sleep time and stimulate the production of the sleep hormone.


Nocturia is the condition of the need to urinate at night. If you have frequent need to use the washroom in the middle of your sleep, then you need to limit your intake of water just before sleep. Even if this continues, you should take a glass of water with salt before bed. This will help the body to maintain the water balance, and you shall not be disturbed by nature calls in the middle of your sleep.


The temperature of your body, your room, and your use of bedsheets and blankets can also affect your sleep. Overheating yourself makes you difficult to sleep.

Take a bath before sleep to maintain your body temperature and do not overheat your room at night. This can help you in getting uninterrupted sleep.


Drinking alcoholic beverages during late evening or before sleep is a big no-no if you want to get a sound sleep. Although alcohol is known to be a sedative, it only induces few initial hours of deep sleep followed by naps interrupted by sudden wake-ups.

Cut your alcohol consumption in the evening and also before bedtime to have sweet dreams.

Practice good bedtime habits like not having too much dinner, keeping yourself away from alcohol and phones, etc. Also, people who find it difficult to sleep at night should avoid taking midday naps. If you are having chronic sleep problems, it is advised to consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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