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Baby Teeth Myths Busted !

We have heard about various myths related to baby teeth; it’s time to know the reality so that you can provide your baby the best oral care

It might not be as simple as you think, most parents remain confused regarding what to do when teeth start to appear in their 6-months old baby.

Myth 1. Baby teeth aren’t of much importance.

Fact. No doubt that your baby’s teeth are temporary and will eventually fall out to give rise to new ones. But this doesn’t mean that they are not important. Of course, baby teeth are imported than just being adorable.

They help in maintaining the proper structure of the face and ensure the arrival of permanent teeth properly. If a tooth decays and is lost too early, the permanent teeth may shift and will leave no space for adult teeth to rise. Moreover, these little teeth are crucial for the speech of your baby for pronouncing certain teeth sounds.

Myth 2. Baby teeth should be brushed once a day.

Fact. It takes 24 hours or less for cavity-causing bacteria to make a home in your teeth and thus brushing twice a day is very important especially for babies. Take a clean damp cloth to clean your baby’s tooth/teeth when they are too small. Once they come to their standard size, use a soft bristled brush and very little toothpaste to clean their teeth. Brush in a circular pattern to make them clean and plaque-free.

Myth 3. Fluoride toothpaste is terrible for kids below two years of age.  

Fact. Toothpaste without fluoride is of no use. Using toothpaste labelled with ‘baby safe’ usually, don’t contain fluoride. Fluoride in our toothpaste makes our teeth cavity-free. Take a tiny smear of toothpaste for brushing to prevent your baby swallowing a significant amount of toothpaste.

Myth 4. Babies can’t get cavities.

Fact. The presence of a single tooth only can pave the way for cavities if not taken proper care. If the pits of a baby are left untreated, it may lead to other severe problems such as damage to permanent teeth. Below your baby’s temporary teeth, permanent ones are being formed.

Myth 5. Teething can make your baby sick

Fact: You might have heard that teething might result in a various disease like fever, diarrhoea, etc. But recent studies have shown that these symptoms are quite low. Whereas the common symptoms related to teething are drooling, gum irritation, etc. In a research its demonstrated that babies while teething might experience a little rise in their temperature. In case the temperature is high, and your baby shows other signs of sickness, you need to contact your paediatrician immediately.


Don’t fall for these myths, know the facts and act accordingly to provide your little one with the best oral health and care.

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