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Depression In Dad’s To Be – Is It A Real Thing?

It is a common thing to see that women are under anxiety or depression during the time of pregnancy as well as early parenthood

The same risk is also with men. Statistics say that 1 in 10 new dads experience depression during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby.

Generally, men find it difficult to cope up with the change in their home life and family structure causing depression. If a would-be mom is suffering from depression, it is not necessary that her partner or the would-be father would experience the similar feelings. But at times would be fathers to go through the same feeling. Depression in new fathers is experienced during early pregnancy and gradually increased after the birth of the child.

Mothers have to experience doctor visits, maternal and child health issues, nurse, and mid-life crisis. Because of which they pick the problem of depression. Would be fathers do not have access to such sort of services. It is critical to recognize and treat the symptoms of depression in either parent as early as possible. This helps to avoid long-term effects on the family, health, and relationship with partner, children, family, and friends.

Causes of depression

In new fathers there can be an extensive range of physical social and emotional factors that can be the reason of developing depression in men some of them are:

  • A lack of social and emotional support.
  • Relationship stress and changes.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Loss and grief issues.
  • Difficulty in adjusting to parenthood.
  • Meeting expectations.
  • A negative or traumatic birth experience.

Coping with family life and its changes can be difficult for men. They will talk less and share less of their feelings. They remain worried about the financial stress they have to bear along with taking some extra responsibilities, and managing work. It can profoundly affect a new father and result in depression.

Risk factors for parental depression

Some common and known risk factors causing depression in fathers (paternal depression) can be the following:

  • A spouse experiencing postnatal depression or have a history of depression.
  • Problems in relationships.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Feelings of not being up to the mark in a parenting role.
  • First-time fatherhood.
  • An unsettled baby.

Men of all ages, different personalities, and financial status can be affected by parental depression.

Symptoms of parental depression

Some symptoms of parenting depression in men are:

  • Pain, headaches, and tiredness.
  • Anger, anxiety, and irritability.
  • Reduces libido levels
  • Change in appetite and eating patterns
  • Unable to cope with diverse feelings of happiness and sadness
  • A tendency to take a risk
  • Change in sleeping patterns or lack of sleep
  • A feeling of being isolated or disconnected from your loved ones.
  • Increased hour of work to withdraw away from family
  • Increased use of drugs and alcohol instead of seeking treatment.

Seek help

If you are a would-be father and you realize that you are experiencing paternal depression, you should instantly speak to your doctor.

Friends are the first to understand and notice symptoms of depression. Being a friend, if you see such signs in a male try to talk to your friend about his feelings. Let him feel supported and try sharing and caring for him. Let your friend know that you are there for him and try to convince him to get medical help for the well being of him and his family.

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