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Everything You Should Know About Cupping Therapy

This is the traditional method widely used by Chinese and Egyptian in ancient times

In this process, therapists use special cups on the skin to generate suction. This is majorly used to get relief from pain, provide relaxation, and an increase in blood flow. This therapy is considered as deep tissue massage. They use cups of different materials such as glass, bamboo, earthenware, silicone. However, this process is not well supported scientifically as the clinical evidence is very low and not much effective for all the conditions.

Further, the American Cancer Society also declared that the cupping therapy basically speaks more of poor quality primary studies and also carries the risk of burns, infection, bruising and pain. It is also not beneficial for those who have health issues.

Only a competent professional will be able to conduct a proper cupping therapy. Hence, this treatment will not be effective if it has not been performed under a professional.

Side effects

Cupping therapy has some adverse effects which are categorized here:

  • Local adverse effects include burns, skin infection, pain, the formation of scars.
  • System adverse effects include headaches, cold, cough, dizziness.


Cupping therapy has been categorized into six various methods. They are:

  1. The technical method involves dry, wet, massage and flash therapy.
  2. Suction power involves light, medium, strong therapy.
  3. The suction method involves fire, manual and electronic suction therapy.
  4. Material based inside cups involves the use of herbal products, water, needle, magnetic therapy.
  5. Area-based therapy involves face, male, female, orthopaedic therapy.
  6. Other cupping therapy such as sports and aquatic therapy.

Dry cupping

This process generates low air pressure either from heating the cup or the air inside it with an open flame placing it against the skin.

Fire cupping

In this process, a cotton ball is used to soak in the alcohol, and then fire is created which heat the air inside of the cup and generates suction just by cooling the air which leads to dark circles where the cup was placed. Generally, plastics cups and glass cups are being used to perform this activity.

Wet cupping

This is also known as medicinal bleeding or Hijama where blood is being taken out through the local suction process. Muslims generally perform this. It is being believed that through this process various toxins and harmful substances can be removed, but this has not been proved.

What Are The Treatment?

It is being noted from a few researchers that cupping therapy is used to treat:

  • Anemia
  • Disorder with respect to fertility and gynaecological
  • Skin issues
  • A migraine
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression

However, before going under the cupping process, you should always consult a doctor and take his advice to keep you healthy and fit. You should consider every step carefully thereby reducing the side effects associated with cupping. The doctor may give recommend you under what circumstances you can follow this therapy, what are the general outcomes, how will your skin react, any additional medications required, etc.

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