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Five Most Common Childhood Illness!

Being a mother, you always remain concern about your child

What to feed him/her, where to send him/her, how to send him/her; you are always thinking about all these little things for your child – thought these things are not as little as they appear to be. It is good to behave like a protective parent. This is done because you know what is better for your child and what is not.

Though you behave like a protective parent, yet many times your child falls sick, leaving your wondering where did you go wrong? Therefore, you should remain aware of the common illnesses that can affect your child during his/her growing years. Children, during their growing years, do fall sick quite often. It is quite evident that being a parent, none of you would want to see your child falling sick. With every changing season, you have to get prepared to call or visit your doctor for your kid’s checkup.

Here are some of the list of standard illness that your child is bound to catch:

  1. A Cough, Cold & Flu: December is the month of extreme cold and chill waves. Your kid might catch a cold as well as flu, despite the fact that you had covered him and wrapped him up in loads of woolens. He might fell sick with a high degree of fever with a runny nose. Cold, cough and flu are one of the few diseases that your child will catch every winter season.
  2. Upset stomach or Stomach aches: When your child is in his/her growing years, right from the age of 1; they are not immune to anything. Your child’s immune system is apparently not strong at all to fight all these diseases. With the onset of flu or fever, stomach bug seeps in. So by the time your child is getting ready to be cured of cold and flu, he/she gets affected by stomach aches or upset stomach. Stomach ache and upset stomach is again one of the most common problems that the children face in their growing years.
  3. Congestion: This is another common problem that can affect any child irrespective of the age. Congestion happens when the respiratory tract and the nasal tract are not clear or is choked. This is caused if the child is suffering from severe cold and flu.
  4. Lungs’ infection: It is also one of the common problems that children of any age can face. Lung’s infection can also cause various respiratory issues, if not cured timely and can become a lifetime respiratory issue.
  5. Gastroenteritis: It is a severe gastric issue especially with the kids. This is even severe than any stomach ache. Your child tends to eat anything or even everything. You can never stop them from keeping their fingers in their mouth. This carries germs in their mouth. And later on, it can cause gastric problems.

These are few of the common problems that your child can face during his/her growing years. You should always consult your doctor even for minor health issues, for the obvious reasons that these problems should not get aggravated. Keep feeding your child with healthy and nutritive food and fruits. A glass of juice is as essential for your child as water. Make your child resilient to such various diseases. It is normal for a sick child to eat less, but if you notice any other drastic change in his eating habits, its time you should consult your doctor.

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