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How Diet Of Men Affects Their Sex Life

Food habits have a significant role in making/marring your mood and libido

What you eat, how much you eat, and how many times you eat- all these play a crucial role in your sex life. Foods with high fats and calorie, smoking, and even some medications can be the reason behind your sinking erection.

The diet of men affects their energy and hormonal levels and eventually their performance in bed. Here are some ways how your diet can lower your performance and how you can tackle it.


Alcohol, being a depressant, may not make you feel much during coitus and can alter the blood flow to the penis. It may tank up your erection. Over-under ton of alcohol beverages lowers your testosterone levels and increases the estrogen levels leaving you in a lousy mood and low libido. You may have difficulties to achieve an orgasm which might leave you frustrated.  Cut down or lower your alcohol consumption for a healthier sex life.


This might sound odd first, but tiring to decaf can severely affect your sex life. Where caffeine is listed most of the times under don’ts, it is a must, as far as your sex life is concerned. Caffeine increases the blood flow and improves the function of blood capillaries; this is a plus point for the erection of the penis. Also at the end of the day when you pile up yourself exhausted, a cup of coffee can give you some energy for playing good in bed.


Frequent consumption of too much oily food is a big no-no for your sex life. Since these high-calorie foods affect your heart badly, it thus affects your performance in bed. A weak heart may lead to blockage of blood vessels which lower the blood flow and can tank up your erection. So having a healthy heart is directly proportional to having a healthy sex life. Lower your consumption of junk food and foods containing too much oil for a more youthful and exciting sex life.


Overeating at a time and piling up your stomach with food may slow you down in bed. Taking food in large amounts may leave you tired and sleepy. All the energy may shift to digest the food rather than helping you perform better in bed. Also, consumption of high amounts of carbs and sugar may make you feel sluggish and can damage your sex life. So, it’s a good habit to eat more frequently rather than gulping large proportions of food. Take small amounts of healthy food more frequently and see the positive change in your sex life.


Having an urge to eat more sugary foods might end up in lowering your libido. Foods with high sugar content reduce your testosterone levels and make you feel tired and sleepy. It also raises your sugar level which leads to the extra work of pancreas to secrete more insulin adding to your fatigue levels. Thus, it’s wise not to consume foods with high sugar quantity and added sugar products. The most sensible choice is to eat foods with natural sugar content like fruits that can boost up your sex life.

So, to all men out there- by now you must have understood how your eating habits affect your sex life. And you might be thinking of boosting up your sex life by keeping your heart healthy and energy levels up by adopting good eating habits. Always remember the fact that the foods that boost up your gym life and keep your heart healthy are the ones you shall choose to boost up your sex life.

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