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Is it safe to have sex while having flu?

When you are suffering from flu or a high fever, you often wonder and

You actually, that what type of food to eat and what not to eat; what to drink and what not to. This is something ubiquitous with all of us. Not many of us implement everything that we learn from our doctors. But still, we try to so that we can get well soon. You also get to know that there is a wide range of medicines and apart from medications there are those foods that provide antioxidants to your immune system that allows you to get well soon.

Then there are many stories even on the news channel that horrify you about flu – many means hundreds and thousands probably that will make you think that is this your condition actually? And then when one fine morning you visit your nearest doctor, who tells you to get cozy with your partner because that might just decrease the levels of flu viruses in your body; Must sound weird to you, right? Or maybe it’s the Valentine month that’s why. You tend to get a very vague idea which is totally out of the box. But do you actually know what the reality is behind this statement?

So what if you’re down with some flu but your spouse is always up for some plan of action. You might not be too sure that will your partner catch the flu from you or will you get fine the next day you wake up. This is probably a mystery for you which will remain unsolved till you get into some action.

Now here are a couple of points that you need to examine before you get into action. Firstly, consider and think deeply that how you caught the flu. A renowned urologist explains that the way of respiratory droplets spreads the flu virus. This can happen anytime when you shake your hands with anybody or your partner or when you come in close contact with anybody.

  • It is generally advised that you need to stay at least 5 feet away from the infected person. So do not, or I would say never hook up with your partner if he/she is suffering from any flu. You might think that you can just get away with the infected partner, but don’t you know that the flu can be transmitted to you either by coughing, sneezing or breathing. Hence it’s a strict no-no to come in contact with your partner if either of you is down with flu.
  • There is no way where 2 people can stay away from getting infected, says a renowned urologist in Florida. So if you want to be ultra safe – sleep in another room or another bed to avoid getting chances of falling sick.
  • Many people think that wearing a face mask and getting intimate can cut the chances of catching flu to another. Many doctors explain this as a sheer lack of knowledge. Do not get to think so much fantasy. And you both will be more excited when you’re both feeling 100% normal and flu-free.

Thus, it is advised to stop living in a fantasy that may cause both of you to suffer from flu. Cut the chances of falling sick. Do not overexert yourself. And hookup only when both of your feel fit & fine.

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