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Is Your Semen Volume Normal?

You must have heard about getting a semen analysis done for men, right?

This is the case when you know that your semen is not as per the required quantity. So how would you get to know about your semen quantity? There are chances that you are not producing enough semen. According to health researches, it is said that most men are totally unaware of the quantity of semen their body produces. In many cases, it has been surveyed that men produce only one-third of a spoon’s semen. If this is the case with you, it is time to get your health checked. Inadequate quantity of semen can be a cause of severe health issues, and it has to be dealt with quickly.

There are underlying health problems that can be a cause of low semen volume. These can be some hormonal imbalances, low testosterone levels, diabetes or many others. However, some of the low semen volume issues can be treated, but if it is too low, then it might not get be cured. You should not be too apprehensive about discussing this severe matter with your gynecologist.

You cannot measure your semen volume yourself. Then how do you get to know that is it the usual quantity or not? Usually what happens is that when couples decide to start their family, and when it is their first-time child, gynecologists ask the male spouse to get his semen analysis test done. This test tells the whole picture of the quality as well the quantity of semen being produced by your body. Lots of men worry about the quantity of their ejaculate as this is of the primary concern. These issues are directed by the doctors of the department of urology and male reproductive treatment.

According to the World Health Organization, if you are producing less than 2 ml of that stuff, you fall into the category of less than one-third of a teaspoon. And if you hit the benchmark and the bottom line, you’re safe. For all those who fall under the low percentile, get a health check up done immediately. Do not delay or linger on. You might need a strict health evaluation.

Is this problem really a serious matter?

Just as you age and your stamina shatters, in typical cases, your ejaculate also shatters as you age. But if you are in your 30’s and still you ejaculate less, this is a grave matter of concern. If you’ve been noticing a gradual decrease in the amount that you’re sporting, say, over the last 5 or 10 years, it might just be an average, age-related decline. And this can actually start in any decade of life.

Consult your doctor immediately as you notice any sign in a decrease in the volume if you are in your 20’s or 30’s. Do not neglect or avoid the problem. Come forward and discuss it with the doctor. He can surely be of much help to you.

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