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Mycoplasma Genitalium – What it is, its Symptoms and Treatments!

(MG) is a type of bacteria that can cause an STD. You get it by having sex with someone who has it

What is Mycoplasma Genitalium  

So after various STDs, there is another scary sex disease called Mycoplasma genitalium, also known as MG. This disease is taking a high toll in the U.K. According to the researches, Mycoplasma genitalium happens when your genital parts come in contact with each other. This occurs most commonly in the females and is left untreated, or many a time women do not eve come to know about this scary disease. Another reason besides ignorance or unawareness of this disease is infertility. Typically, the reason for infertility in females is not known. MG can also cause infertility in most of the women.

The Public Health England announced a couple of days ago that they are working on the treatment and prevention of this deadly and scary health problem. To making the public aware by holding free lectures and seminars, the government is trying to call for awareness of MG.

What are its symptoms?

According to some reports and surveys, way back in the 1980s, it was found out that why this disease is left ignored or not treated. The reason was that Mycoplasma Genitalium does not at all show any symptoms in females. This was one of the major and the biggest reasons that MG, till date has remained untreated. The only sign was pelvic pain or pelvic inflammation faced by most of the females. And like pretty much any other STD, Mg is also caused by unprotected sex or genital to genital contact. But a few researchers have their stand that it is also passed through oral and anal sex.

But the bottom line is – that there is no other symptom except some pelvic inflammation, pelvic pain or that burning sensation while urinating.

How is it treated?

But the good news is that if this deadly disease is diagnosed immediately and in the very first stage, it can be rightly treated by giving massive and regular doses of antibiotics. However, many cases have shown to be resistant to antibiotics too. But this does not mean that you are left untreated. The doctors here take a handful of rounds of various antibiotics till you’re cured.

The researchers say that this is the primary cause of infertility in a maximum number of cases when it is left ignored or untreated. But if this is compared to the US, there is hardly any threat of this disease. It has been noted that only 1 % of young adults suffer from this disease.

But the doctors do accept that is proper precautions and prevention methods are not taken care of; the chance of spreading this disease is higher with passing the time.

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