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Myths Busted About Flu Shots!

Flu spreads very quickly and easily. Come autumn, flu spreads wildly amongst all

Children, kids, and even elders; all are seen taking various precautions to protect themselves from the Flu. October is the month when there are the highest and the maximum chances of spreading the flu virus. It is because of this moisture that the flu spreads.

People have several questions related to flu and its treatments and prevention. There are discussions about flu shots too. In this article, we are going to study about various myths and facts about flu as a virus and its prevention and cure.

  1. Myth – you get flu at least once from the flu shot.

Fact – this is a complete myth. It is often people saying that you get flu at least once after you get yourself vaccinated. This is a complete myth and is just impossible. Flu shots can never give you the chances of spreading the flu. The flu shot given is not a live vaccine- it is an inactive virus that is given to the patient for the prevention of flu.

  1. Myth – you need not retake any flu shot if you took it last year.

Fact – this is entirely not true. Even if you have got yourself vaccinated from a flu shot once, you need it again in the preceding year. The reason is that any flu shot wears off with time. This means that it is not active. Thus you need to get yourself vaccinated with flu shot every year for proper prevention and cure.

  1. Myth – flu shot is not effective

Fact – this is true to some extent. A flu shot does not guarantee complete protection, but it is the best method of prevention. There are different strains of flu virus, and the vaccine does not protect against all of them. Effectiveness can vary from year to year depending on how accurately the vaccine matches the strains that are circulating that year. For instance, in the year 2015 – 2016, the flu was almost 65% effective. Thus it is better than getting no flu shot or zero protection and zero prevention.

  1. Myth – I have a healthy diet thus I need not get vaccinated by the flu shot

Fact – this is a complete myth. Even if your diet is full of nutrition, you need to get yourself vaccinated by the flu shot. A healthy lifestyle is perfect and essential to maintain, but it doesn’t mean that you get complete protection from the flu. Flu shots are the best prevention method for flu viruses.

According to the Public Health Agency, there are about 3 million to 5 million cases of flu that are reported worldwide, and all these are related to severe illness by the flu. Just like it is crucial for your body to breathe and exercise & to eat healthy and nutritive food similarly, it is significant for you and for us to make sure that we get ourselves vaccinated by flu shots. At least there be some prevention, cure, and hygiene.

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