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Pregnancy Labor Myths Busted!

This is one of the most wonderful feeling to become a mother

While being pregnant, you know you have several – I mean thousands of questions popping up in your mind related to your pregnancy and labor pains and delivery – and what not. You do not know how to explain or how to express what you’re feeling. This is something unusual to you as this has happened probably for the first time.

You can be very apprehensive about listening or agreeing to what others say or you might do as many as those stupid things that you are hearing for the very first time. For instance, you must have heard about keeping a knife or scissors underneath your pillow to decrease your labor pain in half. This was an old saying during the times of our grannies. This actually used to happen. But how many of us implement it? This is the question. Quite a lot of us actually try to do all sorts of weird things to avoid labor.

But when you speak with your gynaecologists, you will get to know the entirely different truth about labor myths. But here are more believable myths about giving birth and getting labors.

  • It is said that bumpy car rides or scooter rides can bring on labor. This entire saying is a myth. This will shatter your illusions about this one. Bumpy car rides will never induce labor or births. But it surely doesn’t mean that you go on a crazy car ride. This will not induce labor but will definitely give you internal pains which might not be good for your uterus.
  • Spicy food and hot curries will bring on labor – this is so not true. A total crap, but this does not mean that you go on to sip on some hot curries or gobble some spicy meal. This will contract your uterus and may cause other issues like burning in your stomach.
  • You labor will start as soon as your water breaks – according to the gynaecologists if your pregnancy goes full term, it is only 15% of the female whose labor start as soon as their water breaks. But normally there is only trickle instead of waterfall, likewise shown in the movies.
  • You will have to go to the hospital as soon your labor starts – this is especially untrue. What normally happens is if it your first baby, then you will have at least 5 to 7 hours before you go into labor.
  • A wide bottom makes an easy labor – all the women have different figure and different body types. But it does not mean that those who are broad at bottoms will make an easy labor. You might rephrase it like this – “Women having broader hips will go easy on labor.”
  • Eating food while you’re in labor is strictly prohibited in many hospitals even today. But have you ever questioned this myth? This is overly outdated myth and an outdated practice. Recently in a journal it was stated that the reason behind this was that when anaesthesia is given to the women for their C-Section, they are asked not to intake anything so as to avoid respiratory problems. This is how this myth originated.

You may come across many of these myths, and you must have also thought of practicing it. But do not ever follow any overly outdated myth just for your convenience. Find its relevance and then follow it. Your baby will arrive without following these myths.

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