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What Are The Causes of Low Libido?

You are too much stressed out and thus your body does not react well to this stress

Emotional stress may reflect sometimes but mental stress causes aversions in your body. This is one of the most dealt fact that most of the workaholic men and women are facing these days; a problem that affects your body functioning to the levels of creating low libido in you. This is one such problem that every male face, if he’s going through mental stress which is building such immense pressure on him. Realizing this in the initial stages is quite tough but until you realize that what is the cause of your lower sex drive, it might be too late. Self-help, and self– realization is what you need. You need to act quickly and promptly so that you can help yourself out this problem.

Low libido is something that every man is facing in his personal life due to undue stress levels and high hormonal levels in the body, but shy’s away from speaking on this factor. Thus you desperately need a medical checkup or a doctor or a counsellor to guide you and sail you through this phase.

What should you take care of?

We all know that sexual desires need kind attention and comfortability from both the partners. Try to make our spouse understand the stress you’re dealing with. You need to feel connected to your partner; if you’re not connected with your partner, never indulge in the game. A stressed mind and a stressed body will never create happiness, as women need the feeling of being connected or close. Poor communications and a sense of betrayal will be reflected in low libido, hence avoid such situations. Consult your doctor.

Do not make the situation averse to neglecting your spouse. This will result in fights and criticisms. The best way is to make your spouse understand that what level of stress you’re facing and what exactly your desires are. Always sit and talk with your partner about such issues. No issue is too big to hide or too small to discuss. Discussing may result in creating closeness and may ease you out of the tension.

Drinking or alcoholism is not a solution. Though drinking usually decreases your inhibitions, your partner certainly may not like you in this condition while getting intimate. It may turn her off. So it is better that you consult your counsellor who might help you get rid of this problem.

You require much sleep just as you work. A rested and a relaxed body can increase your drive and performance. Hence take enough rest so that both your body and mind relaxe in a better way.

What are the Treatments?

Consult your doctor if the above solutions are not working. It means that your stress levels are too high and needs medical attention. Do not take too long to figure this out as it may averse the situation.

  • There may be hormonal imbalance too due to such high-stress levels. Take help from your doctor in this case. Never feel shy to share anything with your doctor.
  • Thorough counselling is required. Shed inhibitions, consult your counsellor.
  • Take proper meals and proper medications as prescribed and as advised.
  • Enough sleep, less alcohol consumption and proper diet will help you come over this problem.

Never shy from taking help or guidance. You might get some help or solution, so always share your problem with your doctor and your spouse.

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