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Women Orgasm Myths Busted!

Orgasm has been a topic discussed under the covers and has come around with different myths and conclusions

It is a known fact that women orgasm differently than men. The act of sex is done to gain physical pleasure and climax. The process of reaching the peak while getting intimate with each other is called orgasm.

There are several myths related to orgasm which we would love to discuss here:

  • Orgasm is the only goal when it comes to having sex

Sex is all about physical pleasure and a connection between two bodies. Orgasm is a lovely byproduct of this act. A lot of people think that the whole act of sex or masturbation is to reach an orgasm. Orgasm needs to be achieved through sexual exploration rather than considering it an end product. Every exploration is an opportunity and a new adventure, so you just need to go with the flow and keep it as long as the pleasure lasts instead of concentrating on just achieving an orgasm.

  • All women can easily have multiple orgasms

Women can have multiple orgasms, but getting one can be difficult. Most people are misled by watching movies. It is not necessary that all women get an orgasm and even if those who do, it is not necessary that they would climax every time they have sex or masturbate.

  • All women like the kind of sex you see in romantic movies

This is entirely a wrong notion that women like sex as shown in romantic movies. Porn movies can mislead as they show that women easily climax. The word goes that women need wild and hard sex too. A combination of romance and sex does best in the game of reaching orgasm.

  • It’s perfectly fine to fake an orgasm

Men like to hear that they have been successful to make his woman orgasm. To please him you might admit it wrongly and fake one, but it is the wrong thing to do. Be true and express what you feel. That would make your physical relationship stronger and give your partner a chance to understand your needs and desires, resulting in you having an actual climax.

  • Having safe sex ruins sex

Having safe sex enhances your pleasure as it allows you to enjoy the whole physical act, as you have a feeling that your partner cares for you enough. It also keeps you away from the stress of getting pregnant and STD’s.

  • No Woman wants to have a quickie

The journey of getting pleasure through a physical act is different for every woman. Some may enjoy an elaborate act, but on the other hand, many women enjoy quickies. It is all about who, when, where, why and how. A quickie may not result in an orgasm but can be fun and a way to connect with your partner when there is no time for anything more.

Don’t get carried away by the myths!

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