Perfect Full Body Checkup with All 14 Vitamins

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Product Description

#Full Body Checkup thru 98 Blood Tests and Profiles

More and more people are becoming aware of their health and the ill effects of a bad lifestyle. People hardly take the time for themself, do not eat properly, get enough sleep, exercise or lead a healthy lifestyle, and happiness. 

Trillions of chemical reactions happen simultaneously in the body. They drive the processes that keep a human body ‘alive’. Collectively, they are known as metabolism. 60 chemical elements are found in the body. Their imbalance in the body put us at various health risks.

A perfect full body check-up is incomplete without measuring major Vitamins (14), Toxins (22), Electrolytes (2) and Elements (7). Ensure these 45 essential chemicals are included in your health check-up or not.

Regular check-ups help in identifying possible health conditions at an early stage and helps to go for medical advice, diet choices and exercise plans out there, to lower the risk of lifestyle-related conditions and diseases.

The package includes -

Lipid Profile – 8 Tests

Thyroid Profile – 3 Tests

Liver Profile – 11 Tests

Iron Deficiency Profile – 3 Tests

Electrolytes Profile – 2 Tests

Diabetic Screen – 2 Tests

Vitamins Profile – 14 Tests

Kidney Profile – 5 Tests

Elements Profile – 22 Tests

Serum Zinc

Serum Copper



Complete Hemogram (24)

*10-12 Hours Fasting essentially

This package is created for people, really serious about their health. (Not for those, who only count the number of test and price without evaluating the need for tests). We have over 100’s recommendations for this comprehensive plan.

Terms & Conditions:

For any booking assistance or information call 9819839904
Procedure For Booking

1. 10 Hours minimum fasting required

2. Complete the Checkout process 

3. Our team will call you and will assist for the appointment

4. Our A+ Phlebotomist will collect Blood samples from your Home/Office

5. You will receive the report by email as soon as possible but within 24 Hours 

6. You can pre-pay or can pay at the time of Sample collection by cash or online

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