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MasterClass is Full for April 10th, 2021 Saturday

About IMMUNITY MasterClass with Certificate

Immunity has been at the top of our minds and on the tip of our tongues all through 2020 and as we enter 2021, we need Immune-Strengthening Strategies

Know your Immunity Score!

When Drugs Aren’t Enough To Protect You!

Are you worrying about the consequences of getting ill?

Do you have children at school who seem to catch everything going, and then pass it round the family?

Are you concerned about family members who've been identified as being 'at risk' of viral infection, and want to help them reduce that risk?

Are you anxious about seeing friends or doing the things you love even if they've been deemed safe?

Do you like to authenticate your Google and WhatsApp Gyan about IMMUNITY?

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Who Needs MasterClass?

Are you 24-50 years old

Housewife Worried about Virus Infection might impact her kids

Have a bachelors or master’s degree

Have old Parents and In- laws

Have kids and wife at home

Living at a place far from home so worried about family's health and immunity (Corona)

Working class, have a fulltime job

New unidentified health problems due to Work from Home

Frequently accesses Social media

Huge fan of WhatsApp Gyan


What you'll learn

Your Immunity Score

How we defend ourselves against viruses

Seven things that can compromise your immune system

Why sleep is not just for wimps

How reducing stress can improve immune resilience (and stress isn't just the stuff you feel)

What to eat to support immunity

What are the key supplements for Immunity

Why everyone is banging on about Vitamin D

You’ll also get tons of top tips on how to implement simple changes into your routine that are cheap (or free), and easy, and do work!

There will be an opportunity to get your questions answered at the end.

What is in it for you?

Free immunity check-up score

Medily’s Vitamin-D, 20 effervescent tablets worth Rs. 348

eBook on Immunity

Certificate – Master the concept of next level Immunity and overall wellness

25% coupon on online order of Prescription Medicines with MyMedicineBox

Free online Consultation with expert Dietician and Nutritionist worth Rs 750

3 simple steps to safeguard yourself and your family by building immunity

Immunity boosting recipes

Immunity boosting Supplements guide

30 Day’s WhatsApp subscription on Immunity

All for just Rs. 300

Now that is too good to miss.

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And if you aren’t able to listen live, you can ask your specific question to our expert nutritionist after the event.

About MyMedicineBox

I am none other than start-up founders who knows implicitly that start-up is a long hard road. I battled tuberculosis for more than 3 years and my dream of my start-up given the strong will power to fight. I know the true value of Immunity, I improved it and successfully improved it.

During the last 4 years, there are lot of improvement in Indian healthcare but after Corona Virus pandemic, the new window is opened to help Indians as well healthcare industry which is US$ 280 billion.

At MyMedicineBox, we have mission to educate everyone to improve their health by simple, easy and in cost effective manner. People should be aware and caring to their own body and why wait to lend in hospital or for OPD.

First prevention is building strong Immunity, test current situation of organs in our body and balancing of minerals and Vitamins.

New business plan of MyMedicineBox has shifted the focus illness care to healthcare. We are ready to face all challenges and capable to serve better than any competitor. We will educate people to live stronger by making their Immunity strong.

Try our MasterClass once, you will feel difference in your lifestyle.

Supporting Immunity

We have now entered the 'flu season' and this year, more than any other the threat of viral infection is looming large in all our lives. You may have already read about how diet and lifestyle factors can influence, how susceptible you are to viral infection. If you would like to take practical steps to support your health, but aren't sure where to start then this masterclass is for you.

After Corona Virus pandemic, We feel, we have entered in a new era, where every time we will have fear, what next to Corona? And people have to be more careful about viruses and unexpected diseases. To get rid of this fear, we have to strong our own body’s self defence system. First we must understand the reality as everyone is marketing their products by adding IMMUNITY words to their products. You must be aware, do you really need them.

"Boosting Immunity" is a familiar buzz word these days. Do you know what that means? Do you know how the immune system is designed to work? How do stress, hormones, and immunity affect our overall health? We are sure you will learn all of this in MasterClass! Know Immunity, Beyond Google and WhatsApp Gyan!

Why We Charge for MasterClass with Certificate?

Free knowledge never works, people does not take learning seriously. We want you understand about IMMUNITY seriously. After learning at masterclass, you help your family and others in your community. We tried to make this masterclass as good as Free, you will receive goods worth more than what you pay for the class.

Vitamin D effervescent tablets worth Rs. 348

Free immunity check-up score

25% coupon on purchase through MyMedicineBox

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MasterClass is Full for April 10th, 2021 Saturday









The MasterClass will be conducted by Experienced and Certified Nutritionist